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When using the automatic ice dispenser on one's refrigerator, typically after frustration at no results, the sudden burst of an unnecessarily gross number of cubes all at once, often accompanied by an excessive amount of ice shards.
While attempting to make an evening cocktail, my glass was overcome by a sudden bout of "ice diarrhea." There were ice shards everywhere!
by BurgWords December 03, 2013
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What you are left with after having all of the flavor out of a "Slushie" or "Freezy Pop". Is normaly the color of the flavor you asked for but turns out to be slushed up ice. Is normally as "Loose" as Diarrhea
Your Friend: "Hey man can I have some of that slushie?"
You: "Sorry Man, I already had all the flavor, All I am left with is Ice Diarrhea"
Your Friend: "Oh Sorry"
You: "It's cool"
by Masked Muffin May 25, 2010

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