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Largest Native Tribe on the Malaysian side of Borneo. Known for headhunting and tattoos. Today tattoos are still common but headhunting in no longer allowed by law. Most Ibans are now christian.
Iban people speak iban. Some common words are:

Makai = eat, Mandi = to bathe, Rumah Panjai = Long House, Gawai = harvest festival, janik = pork, tuak = rice wine, cap langkau = type of liquer, cap apek = another type of liquer, 3 - 10 = term used to decribe purchase of beer at the price of 3 cans for RM10.00 only available in Sarawak.
#iban #e-ban #rumah panjai #tuak #sarawak
by Asun September 07, 2007
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