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Rock vocalist for the Welsh originated band Lostprophets. Possibly the sexiest man alive.
Me: I love Ian Watkins!
Friend: Omg He's such an arrogant douche.
Me: -Punch-
by DSTRYR_DSTRYR July 18, 2010
The paedophilic lead singer of Welsh rock band lostprophets.
"Did you hear about the charges against Ian Watkins?"
"Yeah, something like conspiring to rape a toddler?"
"That's it. It's a shame really, he seemed like a good lad."
by utytiuyiuhug December 27, 2012
The everchanging vocalist of welsh rockers Lostprophets.
Ian Watkins contributes to the excellence of Lostprophets.
by Emma. July 02, 2006
Ian Watkins. Sexiest man alive.
Once again. Ian Watkins. Sexiest man alive.
by lostprophets lover. February 02, 2007