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Ian Birked - When a police officer needlessly kills a citizen in a bizarrre, cowardly manner e.g. Seattle's Officer Ian Burk killed a native carver, John T. Williams who was carrying' a legal 3 inch knife and wood block. Birk, after warning the deaf and inebriated Williams 4 times in 4 seconds, shot Williams 4 times and killed him. On February 17, 2011 Ian Burk resigned from the Seattle Police Force after Seattle Police Chief John Diaz stated: "John T. Williams did not pose a threat of serious harm to the officers or others." Adding: that "Birk did not follow department policy when he used deadly force." When done by a citizen it is Code 187: Death, Murker, Kill. King County procesutors have refusee to prosecute Ian Burk.
She: I heard a Seattle cop killed a wood carver who was deaf and drunk after giving him 4 warnings in 4 seconds.
He: Yeh, he was Ian Birked by Officer Ian Birk.
by theangrymonkey February 17, 2011
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