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Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Largest school in the PA State System of Higher Ed, and the only one that confers doctoral degrees. Has a horrible reputation due to extremely low undergrad admissions standards, giving it big "party school" image. Eventually, unqualified students are weeded out via one of three paths: a) they are academically dismissed due to being a total idiot, b) they are expelled for behavior violatons (usually alcohol-related), or c) they withdraw from all their classes and go to trade school. Despite this, IUP has some very bright students, and undergrad classes are taught by top-notch doctoral-level faculty, almost all of whom have Ph.D's or the equivalent in their fields.
Student A: What schools are you applying to?

Student B: I got accepted to all that I applied to...I'm going to IUP.
Student A: You mean I Usually Party?
Student B: Yeah, but I plan to actually go to class, study, and not be a drunken asshat.
by angelfire November 21, 2012
Best damn college in Pennsylvania
Hell's yeah i go to IUP, you can't handle my skittles.
by JT MONEY November 19, 2003
more accurate:
I Usually Puke

"At IUP, bath mats double as knee pads 6 times a week"
by rockmyfaceoff November 05, 2006
Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Also: I'm Usually Partying.
AlienSorrow went to IUP!
by AlienSorrow November 02, 2008
Acronym: I Usually Party.
An acronym that is frequently associated with IUP.
by B'jackoff October 25, 2004