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In Reply To or In Response To
Blaze: Can anybody help me??
Luke: IRT Blaze Yes I can.
by Diamond January 10, 2004
Interborough Rapid Transit Company, aka the subway train.
In NYC, if you catch the IRT Lexington Avenue Line, you'll end up in a ratchet neighborhood.
by N3vvRmiNd March 23, 2014
I run this shit.
Sally: Woah, you beat me at Halo... again...
Sally: You're a bad sport.
Bob: Suck it.
by lauuuuryyynnn July 21, 2008
The sound one makes at the frustration of having performed a typo.
Bob (typing) : Hey man, what are you doinfgh tonight?

Bob (speaking) : IRT
by Ironmanning July 03, 2010
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