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also known as Incident Report Form. The punishment given to "horrible" children by dorm counselors or even the mighty "Nark Shark" herself. Can be given for: disobeying the dress code, forgetting to wear your lanyard, cutting a pigeons head off, throwing water balloons out of windows, sleeping in class, shaving cream fights, shampoo fights, associating with a non-uphcsa member, being late to class, talking in class, being late back from curfew, drinking alcohol, having drugs, general abnoxiousness, and even for putting a pool in your dorm room. Receiving an IRF results in either early curfew, an early morning meeting with Nark, or possibly expulsion based on the level.
Student 1: "Dude, Nark just IRFed me and now I have early curfew!!!"
Student 2: "wow that sucks, for what?"
Student 1: "she came in and saw our pool. then she decided to take it."
Student 2: "well what is she going to do with a pool?"
Student 1: "she's probably going to use it for her dogs!"

Student 1: "Man, i just got IRFed by Maci for sleeping in class"
Student 2: "sucks to suck bro, now you have early curfew!"
by UPHCSA2012 July 22, 2012
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known to many PGSHC students that can fit into any form of speech. known as an "Incident Report Form"
Noun- Chantel IRFed you? what else is new?

Verb- Do you think we will get IRFed for being late for class?

Adjective- That toga party in the 11th floor was irfalicious!

Swear word- IRF you.
by Nemosinmysushi18 August 28, 2005
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