Nickname for Jewish friends
Matt's nickname is Inri
by OGRE T December 29, 2007
Top Definition
Iesu Nazareth, Rex Iudeorum

Latin for "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews". These words were hung above Jesus during the crucifixion.
These words were hung over Jesus as a mockery.
by EJL March 13, 2004
latin acronym for "Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews," put all over pictures of dying Jesus.

much better is "I'm Nailed Right In."
INRI! We don't need any drugs, we're high on JESUS!
by son of stalin March 12, 2003
I'm Nailed Right In - I'm going to hell!
What does that thing on Jesus head stand for INRI?
by jjboy February 20, 2005
From insciption on crucifix 'Here Lies the King of the Jews.' Slang for extremely cheap mofo
by fred astaire July 29, 2003
Acronym for "Immediate Nigger Release Institute". As you can see the leader (Jesus) was crucified for his sins against the country for wanting those porch monkeys released or freed. Abraham Lincoln was originally on the cross, but we found that Jesus was a more universal symbol.
"That INRI got what he deserved"

"Its about four o' clock, time to lynch the INRI"
by Baron Von Badass October 28, 2008
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