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IKEA Daleks is a fan-given term to the "improved" designs of the Dalek villains from the long-running British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who. Daleks are the arch-nemesis of The Doctor and his alien Time Lord race. In S5E3 the IKEA Daleks were introduced. They looked the same as the original Daleks but with colourful Dalekanium (alien metal).

They look like the result of Daleks procreating with Power Rangers.
David: You know, Chris, whenever I see one of those new colourful Daleks I imagine M&Ms shooting out of their appendages.
Chris: Haha, you mean those IKEA Daleks? They look like toys, don't they?
David: Yeah! They look like they're made from plastic instead of Dalekanium.
by Rina Lam January 05, 2012
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