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noun /aɪ.aɪ.ti:lˌizəm/

Alternate spelling: IITolism

A theory or practice of systems of administration or economic, cultural, or political affiliation by an IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Graduate aka IITian, where he/she favors more to the graduate or under-graduate of one of the IIT institute. Such educated elites, having shared an almost similar experience while attaining their drinking age, find a mutual bond which subsides all other factors, if at all present. This commonality of experience, ideology, modus operandi, attitude with a hint of superiority-complex makes it easier for them to befriend each other outside of IITs but on the other hand also makes it equally difficult for them to adjust among other fellows human beings, i.e. the regional college students, who they may consider to be inferior to them (this is more perception oriented rather than being factual, which may vary from person to person). This feeling is even more deeper if the two subjects are from the same geographical zone of the country i.e. Northies-Northies, TDP-TDP, Bengali-Bengali etc. IITalism can not be escaped; it is an inherent & integrated part in the making of an IITian. If you are an IITian, no matter how hard you try to resist, IITalism will eventually show up in one of your acts, speech, action or thoughts.
He seems to have strong expression of IITalism; I bet he is rich, intelligent and popular!
Politics of IITalism is strengthening the roots IN many MNCs all over the world.
Politics of IITalism is strengthening the roots OF many MNCs all over the world.
by cedricrahul August 10, 2011
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