to forget, ignore
"just to ig my two-way, ig the shit in the streets"
by Jack Meoff December 20, 2003
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Shortened form of "Instagram."
e.g. Facebook = FB, Instagram = IG, and so on.
by i-love-food December 21, 2012
I guess
"Do you want to go to the mall?"
by YogiC June 04, 2013
used to denote an ignorant or foolish act

a shorter, less cumbersome version of the word "ignorant"
She said to the would-be kisser,"Don't be ig"

Simon derided the poseur, "That dude was straight-up ig!"

After losing all his cash he sighed in exasperation, "I am so friggin' ig."
by David Bryson May 10, 2007
IG stands for "Insomniac Games," an independent video game company that is best known for creating the Ratchet and Clank series.
I wonder what IG is going to make next!
by Somenobody April 15, 2006
Internet God.

Generally an insult to those who think they rule the internet.
IG Herki wrote the rules of the interwebz!!111
by Addmanz February 03, 2009
Ig can also mean "I guess"
Jeff: Yo is she hot
Bach: ig
by Jobach February 21, 2015

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