itchy butt hole syndrome
While going on a walk with her friend Sally announced, "I wish that guy wasn't walking so close. I have major IBS that I need to attend to."
by MissLK August 14, 2009
IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a syndrome that causes Irratic, uncontrolable and usually Explosive Diarehhea.
Joe: Damn guy last night at the bar Ian's IBS was acting up again and he had a shit explosion on the dance floor!

Guy #1: Dag Yo!!!
by JoeyAnger69 November 13, 2007
(Itchy Balls Syndrome.) itchy balss arent always the best
"man i have IBS."

"IBS sucks."
by >cookie< April 15, 2008
This is a disease which affects women of age 13 and up. Symptoms of IBS (irritable bitch syndrome) include but are not limited to;

Cock Blocking
Mood Swings

There is only one known cure for IBS. A protein shot injected as a vaginal, anal or oral insert.

(This disease also affects some males)
"WTF is her deal man? She yells at me for bringing her coffee?"

"Don't mind her, she's been diagnosed with IBS"

by Kidd Luck April 23, 2007
Itchy Balls Syndrome- An extreme condition in which a male homosapiens testicles become wildly itchy and can barely resist the urge to scratch his balls.
Guy #1: Dude! I got major IBS!!
Guy #2: That sucks, man.
by Anony Mous July 03, 2006
Means itchy ball sindrome, it is when a guy's sack gets itchy for no aperant reason and he can barely resist the urge to scratch
"I have major IBS."
"I have to go to the washroom and relieve my IBS."
by m man February 07, 2005
Itchy Ball Syndrom
I was sitting on the computer and all of a sudden I had IBS.
by Alexopher September 17, 2008
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