An intoxicated beaver smuggler.
Hey man, do you know of an inexpensive way to get beavers across the border? Yeah bro, I know an IBS who will do it for dirt cheap.
by heyhey(hey) April 08, 2006
acronym for Itchy Balls.
"dude, i got a case of the ib's, son."
"i told you not to sleep with shelia. she gave you crabs."
by grantaclause November 17, 2007
Stands for "Itchy Balls Syndrome"
Omg Brian has IBS!
by brianshitface October 20, 2011
Shortened form of "Itchy Butthole Syndrome". Caused most often by having multiple Anal Voids in a short period of time and/or an analingorgy.
I ate taco bell for two days straight. I had IBS for the next week.
by Stas April 05, 2003
itchy butt hole syndrome
While going on a walk with her friend Sally announced, "I wish that guy wasn't walking so close. I have major IBS that I need to attend to."
by MissLK August 14, 2009
IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a syndrome that causes Irratic, uncontrolable and usually Explosive Diarehhea.
Joe: Damn guy last night at the bar Ian's IBS was acting up again and he had a shit explosion on the dance floor!

Guy #1: Dag Yo!!!
by JoeyAnger69 November 13, 2007
Identified Butt Snatcher: The close cousin of the UFO's. The aliens that drive the IBS have been identified and scientifically classified. Instead of probing the ass, they simply probe it with their own "Tool".
If youre lucky you will have a close encounter with the IBS and they will take you to Uranus
by bobby April 05, 2003

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