A period of 3 weeks consisting of exams that test everything the average IB student has forgotten over the 2 year diploma program. The time before and during the exam period usually involves several mental breakdowns, frequent crying fits, a feeling of impending doom, and yet still finding enough time to write an urban-dictionary entry about them.
IB student 1: Hey! how are your IB exams going?
IB student 2: I don't even know anymore... It feels like my brain has been stuffed into an old sock and thrown into a food processor.
IB student 1: Yeah I know what you mean, I had that feeling yesterday. Luckily I only have 7 exams left: 2 today, 3 tomorrow and 1 on monday.
IB student 2: You're so lucky! I have 3 tomorrow as well but I have only revised for one...
IB student 1: Eh whatever wanna go play with that cool probability simulation in the graphing calculator?
IB student 2: Sure
by IBstudent2 May 09, 2010
Top Definition
1. The culmination of 4 years of self induced blood, sweat, and tears experienced by kids who thought they were smart until they joined IB.

2. Stress in its purest form.
Nick- Why are you pulling your eyelashes out with a clothespin?

Lukas- IB exams start tomorrow.
by brainless December 12, 2006
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