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"I Fucked Ted."

The title of Season 3 Episode 3 of AMC's Breaking Bad. At the end of the episode Skylar tells husband Walter of her infidelity.
The third episode of season three of Breaking Bad is titled "I.F.T."
by rtm534 April 05, 2010
21 3
I Fucked Ted
IFT was the episode title in Breaking Bad Season 3, Episode 3. The producers couldn't say what that blatantly meant.
by AirborneJFO April 18, 2010
81 11
Acronym for "I'd fuck that" often used by women to notify other women that there is male eye candy around.
Check out the IFT that just walked in, I wonder if he's as easy as I am?
by CowboyDan July 23, 2008
21 18
"I'd Fuck That Shit".
When you see a hot girl and you look over to your buddies and say "IFTS" without her knowing what you are talking about!
by jojobigred July 05, 2009
1 2
Abbreviation for I'd fap that.
Meaning you'd masturbate to given object, or person
Man, I could never get a girl like her, so IFT.
by algebra_loser September 04, 2010
3 17
id f*ck that!
do u see that guy over there? ift him!
by mandy13 March 11, 2009
4 27