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(n.) stands for I Wannabe a Young Nigger Syndrome. Typically occurs in black men over 50 years old. They tend to wear fitteds constantly, and extremely baggy NFL/Fubu jerseys. They talk as if they are between the ages of 12 and 21, and need to be accepted by younger people of their race.
Hey, look at the fat nigger man who just got on the bus. He is wearing the same NBA fitted, a tight red Fubu coat, and listening to that same really loud popular rap song...on loop while bopping his head, sneering at white people and winking at all the black women under 75.
by Sam January 07, 2005
1. I want you now
2. Another version of "I win"
1. Iwyn in my bed

2. haha u lost! iwyn!
by clarinotono June 19, 2009
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