To use on people with retarded mindsets and also to use on people who are only alive because you didn't want to go prison.
blah blah blah blah blah I see how it is
by alltheway2day October 12, 2012
It is good to get along with everyone etc etc etc but I see how it is for the people who are either traitors switch sides or have no loyalty in them. this is only acceptable in a very just cause where wrong is being done on an international level or discriminatory level.
Also for people with no loyalty on a friendship level
ok ok ok o k ok I see how it is
by Mrdonatolly October 15, 2012
A term used for racist especially undercover racists, cowards, wimps and who chat shit but when the real shit go down nowhere to be seen and only pick on defenseless people, charmers can also come under this category depending on what type of charmers they are.
etc blah blah etc etc etc etc .........................I see how it is
by MrDorryton October 15, 2012
A phrase that can be said to a person who tries to blame another person for their action.
For Example, Mick says I want to go to the bar, I want to go to the bar to drink, Mack says no mate I don't want to be responsible for you. Mick says OK, I'm leaving you here, I don't care. Mack says don't be like that you don't understand and tries to explain the situation and wishes the topic never came up. Mack lectures Mick and tries to stop Mack going into the bar knowing he will get drunk but also not wanting to leave his friend. Mick is insistent gets drunks gets arrested or ends up vomiting and the next day blames everything on his good friend Mack. Mack says I see how it is
by DaffyDucks August 22, 2012
When you realise the person just chats shit all the time
blah blah blah

I see how it is, YOU CHAT SHIT
by billybulshitter October 23, 2012
when you realise that the person is a FAKE, even if it involves numerous people whilst you be keeping it real.
I see how it is bnlahdoihdfoheofuhoeu
by realismstar October 22, 2012
When a person uses a subject as an excuse such as religion (but not just religion) to suit them for their benefit but only sticks to it whilst comfortable.
Also for general people and all sorts of people who judge someone for their choices when they haven't a clue for their reasons.
Also for people who cause trouble with people even people who don't associate with them etc but for no reason because they think they hard but what goes around comes around.
Also for snake people, backstabbers, two faced wankers.
etc etc etc etc I see how it is
by RealTalk123455677 December 20, 2012

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