When a couple gets in a fight over who loves that person more, and the girl try to use her "not-talking" trick to win the fight.
panji loves isty more.

panji: I love you.

isty: I love you more.
panji: no, i love you more.

isty: *not talking*
panji: let's check urban dictionary...aaaand it says i do
by panji September 30, 2014
Frank loves Carrie more.
Carrie : I love you.
Frank : I love you more.
Carrie : nope. I love you more, look it up, it's on the internet.
Frank : how about that, you're right, it is on the Internet.
by Admin of the Internet November 25, 2014
When you simply love someone more than they love you .
Sarah: I love you

Marty: I love you too

Sarah: I love you more
Marty: I don't think so baby

Sarah: Umm... Let me check urban dictionary .. Yeah no , it says I love you more .
by Sarah Booty H. March 20, 2014
When you love someone more than that person loves you .
I love you more, Christian Alexander A. D.

F&A, A&F, TI&B♥
by some noob's girlfriendd October 07, 2009
i love christian alex camacho more than he loves me. Always and forever
"Pina colida!": oh wells then i still love you
ash talks urban: i love you more!
"Pina colida!": how do you know
"Pina colida!": lol
ash talks urban: im freaking santa
ash talks urban: and the internet says i do
by riley the dino. August 18, 2008
When someone tells you I love you more and the recepient loves that someone more then they could ever imagine.

Jenny: I love you
Julie: I love you more
Jenny: I love you more Julie, urban dictionary says so.
by I love you more September 23, 2016
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