This is a recently popular expression of agreement that carries a subtext. It is more than agreement with an idea (observation, opinion); it is a friendly assertion that the speaker has already had the same idea–as in, "yeah, I know"–but it goes further: it seeks validation for the speaker's claim of precedence, from the very person whose claim he's jumping. The subtext might be "Oh, you took my idea; you should be agreeing with ME, not vice versa."
Student: I couldn't pay attention to the lecture because of that ball of sweat hanging from the professor's nose.

Classmate: I KNOW, right?
by justcary December 04, 2010
Indicates a deep understanding of the subject at hand.
Jerry: "Why do people say price point, it's the price you don't need the point!"

Mary: "I know, right?"
by shedazzle November 20, 2012
usually followed by "yeah, uh-huh!"
and then, if desired "that's hilarious!"
then this proceeds in repetition of the three phrase cycle until one person or the other is sick of the cycle.

usually spoken in agreement to a previous statement.

could also be in ditto form.
"this coffee is bogus."
"i know, right?"
"yeah, uh-huh!"
("that's hilarious!")
"i know, right?"

"i totally flunked that test."
i know, right?"
"yeah, uh-huh!"
("that's hilarious!")
"i know, right?"

"we have to stop talking like that."
"i know, right?"
"yeah, uh-huh!"
("that's.. not hilarious!")
"i know, right?"
by awkwardsentence November 11, 2009
Derivative of infamous Mean Girls quote, frequently used in parody of this film to indicate a mutual understanding.
Person 1| "That Katie girl is a right tramp"
Person 2| "I know, right?"
by creamcream May 16, 2006
(I) Used to describe ones self

(Know) To perceive or understand as fact or truth

(Right) Opposite of wrong

This term is used in the act of extreme agreeance.
Nick: My face is so shiney.

Joey: I Know, Right?


Nick: What is this guys friggen deal dude?

Joey: I know, right?
by motoro August 31, 2010
expression of corroboration
much cooler than "i told you so" or "yes"
Jon: Your fashion sense is so versatile!
Kayla: I know, right?
by jl121812 September 11, 2008
this is big in atlanta, georgia, for whatever reason.

it's an expression of agreement.
"oh my god, that girl is such a slut."
"i know, right? i heard she hooked up with two guys in one night!"
by maria March 04, 2003
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