A way of checking on whether or not the person you're talking to is a fussy-prissy sort of person, or can actually pick up on sarcasm.
(A girl in an awful outfit walks by.)
"She looks **amazing**."
"I know. I love how **everything** she's wearing goes **perfectly** together."

(Someone talks about something nobody cares about.)
"**I could care less.**"
"Don't you mean, 'I couldn't care less.' ?"
"Sure. Hey, you know what? Your outfit is **fantastic**."
by LovetteCher March 06, 2013
According to most people, a stupid phrase that means the opposite of what's intended.

According to a few people, a sarcastic way to say you really couldn't care less.

Probably what was originally intended is a phrase like "I could give a shit," just a little more subtle than "I don't give a shit." Or "I could give a damn." So they could care less, but they still don't care.
Melissa: But we have to hurry back or we'll miss the final of American Idol!

Sam: I could care less about that, just as long as we don't miss Glee!
by Olypoly June 26, 2011
A sarcastic phrase meaning "as if I could care less about this."

Stupid people often complain about this phrase, insisting that "I couldn't care less" should be used instead. This is because they fail to realize that "I could care less" is an appropriate and historically popular idiom that dates back to the 1960s.

The very same morons will probably tell you, "But if you could care less, that means you actually cared about it at least a little bit in the first place." That is because the sarcasm is lost on them. Should you hear this, just smile and enjoy knowing that you are speaking to someone of low intelligence.
Pete: "Did you hear? Jenny got AIDS!"

Reggie: "I could care less, man."

Pete: "Haha, you mean 'I couldn't care less.'"

Reggie: "No I don't. You're retarded."
by derrickwayne May 15, 2011

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