has the same number of letters as bullsh*t.
i love you= 8 letters
bs= 8 letters
person 1: i love you
p2: really?
p1: yeah (thinks in head NO)
by angtard June 16, 2007
Something said in ending a long dead relationship. It's usually followed by but in this case it means "I don't want to hurt you, but i can't stand being near you, you irritate me and i dont know how long it will be before i take an axe to either one of us, please don't cry". Usually coupled with it's not you it's me
"I love you but I need time alone"
"I love you but it's not working"
by Beryl Ubergirth September 22, 2005
three words used by guys to get into girl's pants.
"Babe, I only want to sleep with you because I love you."
by EWalm September 07, 2009
(Eye Luv U) Phrase. 1) Declaration of affection. 2) Words of truth when spoken by women, words of lust spoken by a man. 3) Last resort when trying to get laid. 4) The shortest road to Blowjobs and anal sex. 5) A complete and total farce in modern society. 6) Words spoken into a mirror by Hollywood celebs. 7) Yeu Eng Em: Vietnamese for Here’s a pungi stick, hope you die.
i love you
1) Honey, I love you.
2) Bob, I love you? Oh Sally, I loe you too...
3) I'm not just some guy, I love you...
4) "Can I put in in your butt?" NO! "Please?" NO! "I won't stick it all the way in." NO! "I love you." Ok, go ahead.
5) I love you...until I find someone else or I just decide that love is a fleeting emotion and waiste of our time pretending to be in love for the sake of the children or a tax break. It's cheaper to be with you and split expenses so rather than go find true love, with someone who will eventually drop me for someone else because they are no longer in love either, I'll just live this lie and cheat on you.
6) "I love you Paris Hilton". I love you back Paris Hilton. And we both love our extended and undeserved 15 minutes.
7) Yeu Eng Em, Ah you no fucka me in da ass bigga boy. "But I love you (Yeu Eng Em)" Oh, in dat case come give me da big whoppa in my rittle ass.
by sirisaachillary September 21, 2005
i love you too!
i love you, shawn, in a friendly not attractive way!
by like, dude May 27, 2003
What you say to someone to make the sex better
"I love you, let's Bufu"
by Rusty November 27, 2003
When a man says these 3 "magical" words a woman. He might as well cut off his balls, then hand them to the woman he told this to. Cos if he is serious when he says it (isn't just saying it to get here clothes off), he has more or less given her a verbal, subliminal invitation to walk all over him.
Some idiot: I love you
Some bitch: Wow! Bend over backwards for me, while I treat you like shit and cheat on you.

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