Something players use to get into a girls pants.
Guy 1: Dude i had some sweet loving last night
Guy 2: How did you do that
Guy 1: I told her I love you
Guy 2: I have to use that next time
by Never_Gonna_Feel_The_Same April 14, 2015
The pick up line that stopped working in the eighties. Saying it too quickly will undoubtably result in you looking like a crazy stalker.
Girl 1:...and then he said "I love you Carol!".
Girl 2: He loves you? But you've only met him twice...
Girl 1: I know and allready he's getting all clingy!
Girl 2: He's such a stalker...
by Michael Heroin February 02, 2006
The most heart warming words you can ever hear. Words that are usually hard to believe and used as a joke but once you find the THAT person, when they say those three words every other thought just goes away.

Also the words i will never ever get tired of saying to Riley. You make my life worth living, even when everything else is shit. I want you forever.
Riley: i love you baby
Helena: i love you too
by ohfasho-laxbro October 16, 2011
Katie loves Jake the most, She always has and always will.
katie: i love you the most (:
jake: no no no
katie: yes you cant argue it now its a known fact
by themskls August 15, 2011
I Love You

A way of saying goodbye. I.E., One Love. I = Roman Numeral for 1. The comma between love and the word you is implied. When most people say goodbye to someone for whom they have a romantic or familial love, they often just say "Love you", with the I--since speaking from the first person is already understood--being implied.

Okay, I'm leaving. I love you"--implied, "Okay, I'm leaving. I Love, you.
Okay, I'm leaving. I love you"--implied, "Okay, I'm leaving. I Love, you.
by The Phoenixx February 27, 2011
A word that a bunch of little girls use to much, then break up with their little boyfriend about a day later then have a new boyfriend that they are in love with some how. I, Love, My, Boyfriend, So, Much.
'I'm 8 years old and I truly am in love with my boyfriend, even though we will break up in about an hour. Jimmy I love you '
Next day - I hate you your mean.
Next day - I love you so much Alex we will be together forever.
by JigglyPuff123 July 05, 2012
something boys never mean.
boy in june: i love you more than words could ever say.

boy in october: i love //her// more than words could ever say.
by Carrieoox October 08, 2007
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