The stage during a relationship at which breast ownership transfers from the woman to the man.
Woman: Stop touching my boobs.
Man: But I love you. They're mine now.
by bassmanfunk February 16, 2013
Words to describe feelings when a really special action from a person that can help you feel better and get you smiling, symptoms of happiness and feel supported in which their actions consider you telling them I Love you, because you love the person for who they are and what they are doing for you because that is how their actions effect your emotions, Nothing Magical!
"Mom I Love you for supporting me in court today"

"I Love you Baby for always cooking for me after coming from work all tired"
by iBeam_718172 February 13, 2012
Sonething I cant help but saying when some helps me
A: Fine I'll help you

Me: I love you!!!
by Katana Witch January 24, 2015
I love you are three words which if said and meant correctly are the hardest words to say. You should not say them just for fun or because you want to get someone to have sex with you. I love you is what you say to a person who means the absolute world to you, when you would never do anything to harm them and you never want to loose them. I love you must not just be said, but proven too, you must prove how much you love that person. And lads, if she laughs and calls you an're a very lucky man!! Women rarely say it back no matter how much they want to. Sometimes silence is the best reply. But don't just say it, you have to mean it
Ross: grace?...I love you

Grace: *silence*
Ross: I do...
Grace: *laughs* you're an idiot

Ross:*fist pumps air*
by Sky_398 October 10, 2014
A saying. An over used statement in which society today takes for granted. The usage of the phrase varies deeply. It can range from a simple "Hey baby, I love you, now lets hook up." to a feeling with when truly inlove, is literally indescribable. Phycology dictates it as a simple chemical reaction triggered within the confines of your brain, but it is much, much more. It can be in the very epicenter of your soul or it can be your ultimate downfall. Love can either destroy you, or be the very reason of your existence. Love is what love does. Love is giving someone with the power to obliterate you, but having complete faith and trust in them not to. Love is life.
Guy who truly loves a girl: "I love you and I want to be with you forever."

Girl who truly loves the guy above: "I love you too, and you're my everything."
by LoveMySunshine-Kell October 19, 2013
Can be truly meant to capture the heart of a female if truly meant by a male or vice versa.
To entrap a female by a male if it isn't meant, but would seem so and vice versa.
The same amount of letters as BULLSHIT.

Mainly overused by teenagers who think they know what love is, or over-commonly found in poetry.
1. *8 month relationship*
Guy: I love you
Girl: I love you too.
*Gets on one knee*
Guy: Will you marry me?
Girl: Yes!

2. (Flowchart still applies to either gender. Face it, you both can do it)

A: Asshole tries to build feelings.

*Did it work? *YES -> Go to B. NO -> repeat A*

B: Asshole plays with feelings.

*Did it work? YES -> Proceed to C or Repeat A or B some more. NO -> You fucked up.*

C: Get into their pants. (FINALLY)

*Did it work? YES -> Good job at being a dick or a player. Proceed or continue to do this while laying low or cheating with a next girl. NO -> You fucked up. Start over*

D: Break up with them.

*Did it work? No fucking comment. If you don't get this, you're an idiot. Hope you feel proud when you seem like a complete asshole/douchebag/(Insert other insult here)*
by Sephirion/Taeron November 12, 2010
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