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a number one hit from early 1992 by the British techno-dance trio Right Said Fred. It's like the 1987 hit "Love Removal Machine" by the Cult. It's a catchy tune, and the lyrics are so unbelievably stupid, yet that stupidness factor is what makes the song so cool. The title phrase became a catch term. For instance: T-shirts came out that said "I'm too sexy for this shirt!"
1. I'm too sexy for this shirt
Too sexy for this shirt
So sexy it hurts!

2. I'm too sexy for the overrated movie "Titantic".

3. And I'm too sexy for this song.
by Buckeye Starrider June 18, 2007
Early 90's song by right said Fred. Very funny to dance to, even if you aren't female or gay.
I'm too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, too sexy for Milan, New York and Japan.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 03, 2004
word applying to people like right said fred and other sexy starlets such as john and red
oh my god red im too sexy!!!
no john im too sexy.
by john and red and matt g March 03, 2003
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