Geeky, white guy speak. Probably came from the racquetball courts of a local YMCA.
"Hey, Todd. Wanna grab a cold brewski after work today?"
"I'm game."
"Alright, bro."
by Shank April 28, 2004
As in I'm likely to do that, might be fun; often references challenges to keep up in drinking games.
"Hey, let's do Irish Car Bombs!" "Sure, I'm game."
by LizzZ April 29, 2004
Yea i'm in.
or sure I'll do that.
>let's go eat.
>I'm game.
by emily April 25, 2004
1.) Being Game
2.)Game- a state of readiness, or a status of sexual attraction
Ex. 1.) "I tell you what, Sharad got more game than us man."
-"It's because he's a damn trashman, nigga."
Ex. 2.) "You ready to get pwned in Halo?"
-"I'm game, ho"
by Antonio April 20, 2004
used to say you're are up for something
What do you want to do today?

I'm game for a bit of tennis!
by flashermonkey April 29, 2004
Another way of saying, "Sure!" or "I'm up for it". Used by people who think they're cool, chill or otherwise interesting or dilusioned.
"Dude do you want to go to the mall?"
"I'm game."
by Fibby April 25, 2004
Word used frequently by Josh Rovner indicating that he wants to go somewhere. Most often the destination is Mountain Creek ski resort in Vernon, NJ
Guy: "wanna go bust some moves at M.C?"
Joshua Rovner: "I'm game"
by More Joshua Rovner Lingo February 25, 2005
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