im in, or I'll do it.
"you wanna go to the movies man?"
"sure I'm game"
by bitch nigga please April 20, 2004
An expression one uses to indicate that one is open to new ideas, or is willing to do anything.
If you want to go see a movie tonight, I'm game.
by Webster April 20, 2004
I am game!
Means emphatically a 'yes'.
When you are up for something (to do). When you want to be included into the said activity.
Harry says, "Are you up for a game of golf tomorrow, John?"
John replies, "I'm game!"
by jujickson April 26, 2004
Being up for an idea or something of the sorts.
"hey who wants to go get some icecream" -person 1

"i'm game" -person 2
by lauren April 25, 2004
I'm down, I'm in
"want to party tonight", "yeah, i'm game"
by yo mama April 22, 2004
I'm up for that!
You throwin' a party? Dude, I'm game!
by Trixie April 29, 2004
Response indicating one is willing to participate in the afformentioned event. "I'm Game" is always precluded by a suggestion or indication of an activity.
Mills: "Yeah, We headed down the club. You with us?"
Mack: "I'm game."
Frank: "She said she was goin to church Sunday morning. I'm game, so we had mad crazy sex all night."
by JMac April 29, 2004

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