A phrase used to agree in what is going on or to happen.
"You want to go to the, movies i'm game"
by Kamikaze April 25, 2004
Offering yourself up as bait towards crazy Russians. Often done best in the Alaskan Wilderness or on a tropical Island with a Cossack butler.
You want to hunt the most dangerous animal of them all. Well, I'm game.
by Brian April 24, 2004
Im ready with what is going to happen.
I'm game with going to Mc'Donalds.
by Ben April 24, 2004
Phrase used to show agreement for a suggestion.
"wanna go to the club so we can pick up some bitches?
"I'm game."
by Jeremy Phillips April 24, 2004
Willing to participate in
Bill:"Hey Pete, wanna bang some chicks"?

Pete:"I'm game bill"!
by citizensoldier71 April 23, 2004
I'm ready for that
I'll go for that
- Would you like to go out with me
to the mall
- Yes, I'm game
by Tazi Med Amine April 23, 2004
an affirmative phrase denoting a willingness to participate. Similar to sign me up and I'm down
Tim: Who wants to be a lawyer?
Steve: I'm game!
by crossapply April 23, 2004

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