I'll do it
"Dude, lets go rap that house next door!"

"I'm game!!"
by Insane April 25, 2004
agreeing to participate in something, occasionally something unusual, or risky.
you up for a quick shag in the woods?
yeah, i'm game!
by AnDeH April 24, 2004
I'm good with that.
bob: Hey, you wanna go to hooters, uhh, for the chicken wings?

jim: I'M GAME.
by kathleen April 21, 2004
1: Accepting proposal for competition. Being up for something. Willing to do something. etc. etc.
1: "basketball. one on one. toe to toe. you vs. me. ok?"

2: "yeah, im game"
by HeatPackRat April 29, 2004
To be wanting to do an event. Usually someone offers to do something and you reply "I'm game".
Im about to tie up my dog and feed it Tums. You game?

~ I'm game dude, lets cujo that bitch up!
by kRaZyToM April 29, 2004
to be willing to do the suggested activity
"Want to go to the elephant farm?"
"I'm game"
by Jahorscavich April 28, 2004
That is something I am up for; count me in.
"Yo, who wants to go catch a movie?"

"I'm game"
by LaundroStud April 28, 2004

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