I am up for it. Up for a chalenge or event.
Jack: Would you like to go shoot some hoops?
Jane: I'm game.
by Elise April 24, 2004
up for it. ready to do it.
Bobby: Hey want to go to HEB?
You: Yeah, sure, I'm game.
by hopscotch on crack April 29, 2004
I'm up for it.
"Hey, wanna go see a movie tonight and meet some fine ass bitches?"

"I'm game"
by Booty April 29, 2004
It's implies acceptance. analogous to "Yeah, I am ready".

Honestly, what a stuypid as*hole u are man.
"Honey can we try threesome with my friend Jim today??"
"I'm game!!"
by amitmalhotra April 28, 2004
A phrase used to acknowledge or confirm.
"You really wanna do this, right?"
"I'm game"
by loki goes rawr April 28, 2004
a phrase someone says when they are willing to do anything, whether it be risky or not.
Whatever you wanna do, im game for it.
by joker_raver April 27, 2004
Means that you are down/ that you will play and be included.
Hey Bro you wanna play some Tecmo Bowl?
Ya man, I'm game
by Rich Joker Dude April 26, 2004

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