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An I&I pod is an iPod that's loaded with reggae music. I coined this phrase in reference to my friend Paul's I&Ipod, which had over 30 GB of Reggae on it.
The I&Ipod is not to be confused with the I-Against-Ipod, which is loaded with Bad Brains. The I&Ipod, ironically enough, flies in the face of all things rasta, even if it is adorned with a picture of Haile Selassie.
The I&I pod was responsible for me getting turned on to Junior Kelly, Midnite, The Congos, U Roy and Black Uhuru.
-I&I pods are usually owned by affluent white kids.
-I&I pods are great for long road trips.
-I&I pods are essential if you work the graveyard shift ANYWHERE.
-If you think that your I&I pod makes you a rasta, please press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and kill yourself.
-I&I Pods are not to be confused with I-AGAINST-I pods, EVER.
by The Total Jim June 03, 2008
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