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A shorter way to say, "I hope ol' dude pull that shit so I can beat on his ass". Means you wish somebody would do somethin that would piss you off.
Kid 1: Aye, that White kid is gonna dress up as a slave for halloween and come to school like that.

Kid 2: Man, I wish a nigga would put that damn black paint on his face, I'll slap a patch out his stupid-ass.
by ManIWishANiggaWould January 13, 2010

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Just as it says. Say it out loud slowly in a John Wayne (slow, southern white) accent to get the full effect.
Kid 1: Ms.Bitchy-bitch is gonna give us an F.
Kid 2: Man, i wish a nigga would..
by Randal M. April 08, 2007