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1) Mainly referring to when you shoot a basketball and the ball bounces around the rim numerous times before going in.

2) When riding a BMX bike in a bowl at a skate/bike park and you have a very good run.

3) Referring to when you eat a bowl of any chocolaty cereal at an incredibly fast rate.

4) When you literary shit on a toilet bowl at a females house.

May also be used as "you just shit all over tat toilet bowl bitch(s)"
I just shit all over that toilet bowl bitch
4) Jesse: "Yo Antwan did you hear what Wyatt did?"
Antwan: "No. Why what did he do?"
Wyatt: "Man I just shit all over that toilet bowl bitches."
*Rachel love comes home to find a steamy shit on her toilet bowl.*
by P.V.B September 17, 2011
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