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1. A term used to express extreme dislike for people who will change they're appearance, personality, and will ruin they're life just to be considered "cool".

2. Can also be a conformist term because your conforming to the bias that everyone included in the "I hate conformists" statement is actually a conformist. Maybe they aren't the conformist, you are. Because you say "I hate conformist" your throwing yourselves in with the stereotype of the "Individuals," The select group of stuckup, snobby, "I've been to college" kind of attitude(Though they're only in highschool) people that are conforming to the "Individuals" bias.
1. Guy 1."God, look at him, wearing American Eagle, what a conformist"

Guy 2."Yeah, I hate conformists"

2. Asshole 1. "Sheesh, look at her, wearing her hair in a ponytail, like, totally unenlightened, pass me that weed, maaan."

Asshole(Girl) 2. "Wanna spread your freedom in me, like, duuuude?"
by Akalay April 08, 2011
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