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what to say to your friends when you got beat up and and don't want to admit it. Because of it's overuse (a result of the historical precedent for lying about spousal abuse in order to preserve the sancity of marriage) it is considered a thinly veiled cry for help.
"woah, Joanie, what happened to your eye?"
"I fell down some stairs."
"is everything OK with Phillip?"
"yeah, everything's fine. I just fell down some stairs, ok, Mom?"
by kateyc July 12, 2006

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When you and a friend think of the same thing and it makes you think of Fight Club. "Sometimes Tyler spoke for me...<tyler> I fell down some stairs. <jack> I feel down some stairs."
Oh man! I fell down some stairs! I was just thinking of that!
by Noa Byrne January 07, 2004