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Basically a term used by the most ignorant and unintelligent people of all time. "I don't read books" is my cue to walk the fuck away from you. "I don't read books" is another way to say I'm really stupid. People who don't have "time to read books" are really just people who are too lazy and unintelligent to do so. Unless you have a fully demanding job, a child, an illness preventing you to do so, or you have recently taken a break from a book because of school or an important issue in life, you can't say you don't have time. And the school thing doesn't really apply unless you just stop reading a book for a while. If you just don't read books, you can't use this excuse because I go to school full time and read two or more books simultaneously whilst getting my work done and maintaining a 4.0. Most people who say they don't read probably dropped out of high school, work at walmart, are extremely stupid, and their life is totally not on track. If you say books or reading is boring you've obviously never read a good book and you, my friend, I pity. Mind you, that there's a difference between 'I don't read books' and 'I can't read books' I can't read books implies you are illiterate or fall into the category of too busy that I listed above. "I don't read books" implies you are stupid. You can read books, you just choose not to. Nothing is preventing you from picking up a novel and reading it.
Swag fag 1: I don't read books that shits boring and gay as hell
Swag fag 2: I know right I can't believe people read like wtf I don't have time I'm too busy not focusing on school, and making decisions I'll regret later in life.

Normal person: you are fucking retarded.
#books #reading #book #book worm #smart people #intelligent #swag fag #stupid
by Bookies December 13, 2013
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