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basically saying you don't do something. More often than not, it's to clairfy about your sexual orientation, but down here, it's more of a "that ain't my thing" deal.
Wanna smoke?
Nah man, I don't swing that way.
by Candice February 27, 2004
saying you ain't gay/lesbian
"yo did you and your best friend kiss ever?"
"No I dont' swing that way"
by amaran January 20, 2004
I am not that sexuality. Mostly said as in I am not homosexual.
Man: Want to go out to dinner sometime?
Man: Sorry I dont swing that way, I'm straight.
Man: Oh ok, no problem.
by Santas Sexy Helper August 01, 2004
How to decline advice from a golf pro.
Golf pro: "You might want to consider following through more."

Golf enthusiast: "I don't swing that way, man"
by SteveSorensen June 22, 2006
Meaning you not gay and never will be.
1st Guy: hey wanna go on a date?
2nd Guy: Man Fuck that shit i dont swing that way.
by Dead Leprechaun October 11, 2004