"I could care less" reminds the listener of your human compassion as an American. You are essentially telling him or her, "as you can tell from my clearly stated opinion, I do not care very much at all about this subject I am referring to. However, let us never forget that--if I wanted to--I could care even less." As we are sometimes prone to speak in hyperbole, e.g. "people who park crooked like that should be disembowelled and set on fire" (when a jail term would obviously suffice, given the spectre of rape), "I could care less" is an institutional phrase that compels us to remember our power must be tempered with mercy, which is expressed in the form of restrained indifference. Just as there is no real limit to justice/revenge beyond the constructs of liberal rhetoric, apathy is an abyss that must be skirted prudently. Without care, one could, without realizing it, become so indifferent to a subject that he or she neglects to even opine about it. On a large scale, this would threaten the core dynamic of what it is to be American: the unstoppable force of limitless guidance checked only by the immovable object of absolute unreceptivity to the guidance of others. "I could care less" is an enshrinement of self-discipline.
"I could care less but will not, for to care any less would render this subject unworthy of my spoken opinion."
--George Washington
by Stormy McCloud June 06, 2012
Top Definition
Wrong slang. It's supposed to be "I couldn't care less" - because I have no interest. "I could care less" means there is some interest.
"Leaving? I couldn't care less."
by ninedots December 03, 2004
an expression that idiots use when they don't care about something or have no interest in something. what they really mean is "i couldn't care less"
john: this video game is so good. i could play it forever
jim: i could care less. i hate video games.
john: wait, so you could care less.... that means that you care somewhat. you mean "i couldn't care less"?
jim: what? no. i don't give a shit about your dumb video game.
john: you're a fucking retard.
by zach the sach April 14, 2006
This is what stupid people say when they, in fact, mean, "I couldn't care less." The intent of the phrase is to express the fact that the level of caring the user has is nil. However when taken literally, the phrase dictates that there is at least some level of caring and it is possible to care less. Some people have said that the phrase is used sarcastically and that people who use it know that the meaning is opposite to the literal interpretation. However it is far more likely that people who say, "I could care less," and mean the opposite are just stupid.
I could care less about your opinion.
by Sadat Quoraishi October 17, 2007
1. It is possible for me to be less interested in the subject than I am at this moment.
2. It is not possible for me to be less interested in the subject than I am at this moment.

When unsure as to which definition should be applied, it can help to judge the person's intelligence - morons usually mean #2.
I could care less about something as unimportant as this.
by Dr. Cactus February 25, 2004
Used incorrectly by idiots to mean 'I couldn't care less'.
This is turn means 'I care so little about this topic that my level of caring is at its utmost minimum'

When people say 'I could care less', what they are actually saying is:
'My level of caring is not yet at its minimum, and there is scope to care less about this topic.'
...Which is one of the most useless things you can tell someone.
A: "The paint is nearly dry! Oh wow what a momentous occasion!"
B: "I couldn't care less"
A: "This person is disinterested, therefore I shall refrain from further comment about such matters"

Incorrect version:
A: "The paint is nearly dry! Oh wow what a momentous occasion!"
B: "I could care less"
A: "Erm...ok...thanks for letting me know?" O_o
by correctioncan221 May 22, 2013
A twisted, incorrect version of "I couldn't care less", invented by Americans (who else?) that clearly means the exact opposite of what is intended.
Idiots caught using it will offer up pitiful excuses such as "it's sarcasm, DUH!", or "it's historically acceptable, I'm not stupid, YOU'RE stupid!"
It is obvious to anyone who actually knows how to use sarcasm, or doesn't believe that stupidity is a recent invention, that these excuses represent nothing more than a transparent attempt to cover up the shame of talking like an idiot for most of their lives.
Stupid: "Pfft, I could care less about that".
I'mWithStupid: "You mean you *couldn't* care less. To say you could care less means you care at least a little. You're stupid, Stupid."
Stupid: "No, I was being sarcastic, *obviously*."
I'mWithStupid: "That doesn't even make sense."
Stupid: "Well, it's been used since the 1960s so it must be right!"
I'mWithStupid: "The fact that you still haven't corrected a mistake made by an idiot that long ago just makes you look *more* stupid."
Stupid: "...What were we talking about again?"
I'mWithStupid: "I couldn't care less..."
by ThatGoose March 01, 2014
When people say "I could care less" it is always important to ask the follow up question, "So how much less do you care? A lot less, just a little bit less" because "I could care less" is pretty much meaningless until you understand what "less" means for the person using the phrase incorrectly
Bob - "I love sunny days"
Jane - "I could care less"
Bob - "I see, so how much less are you capable of caring? I'd just like to know for the future when I am going to comment on the weather, if it's just a little bit less then I will continue commenting, if it's a whole lot less then I'll take that into consideration the next time and refrain from such comments"
Jane - "Thank you for educating me, from now on I will avoid the question by saying the phrase correctly, so Bob, I couldn't care less about you loving sunny days"
by blackhawks fan 1 May 19, 2015

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