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A sarcastic comment used in conjunction with a picture (of pornographic nature or otherwise) that others have suggested is arousing.
1: *Post furry picture* HAY GUYS THIS IS HAWT!
2: I came!
by Jarvan January 08, 2005
Something you say or write after seen an really awesome video.
Guy: "Hey, have you seen the new Chuck Norris movie when he beats the shit out of Jackie Chan?"
You: "Yes"
Guy: "What did you thought about it?"
You: "I came..."
by Mattematask Mattan December 14, 2009
One of the stupidest phrases ever, commonly used by 12-year-olds on YouTube and other sites as an expression of amazement whenever they see or hear something "epic", implying they reached an orgasm upon seeing/hearing it. Although some may beg to differ, saying it really just makes you sound like an idiot.
*crappy AMV on YouTube is posted*
Person 1: first
Person 2: omg i came @ 2:15
by BetterSpeech July 26, 2010
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