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I am the Black Wizards is the seventh track from " In the Nightside Eclipse ", the debut album of Emperor, one of the most influential (and best) Black Metal bands ever.

It features the genius songwriting of guitarist / singer Ihsahn and beautiful lyrics of bassist Mortiis. And also some of the best atmospheric keyboards ever.
Metalhead 1 : Wow, I am the black wizards' guitar riff is amazing ! and the drumming is really powerful and fast !

Metalhead 2 : Yeah, Ihsahn's singing is beyond words too, he has the best screamed vocals in the world ! And i love how they use the keyboards, it gives the music a beautiful eerie feeling.

Metalhead 1 : Fuck yeah ! Best Black Metal song ever on the best Black Metal album ever by the best Black Metal band ever ! Hail Emperor !
by BlackEmperor December 14, 2011