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lets get it on!
i am game baby ;)
by the chigger April 20, 2004
6 10
saying that your up for it, that your willing to do it/want to do it
person1 "hey, lets go cow tipping"
person2 "sure, i'm game"
by p smurf April 22, 2004
236 49
im for it. yeah. yes. sure. ok.
"wanna have sex?"
"im game"
by A Giv April 24, 2004
92 45
To concur with an act or statement, or one that is proposed. Often used to state that one is willing and able to partake upon a noble task.
White Suburban Preteen: "yo g, yous been checkin' out dis fly new rapuh from duh bronx?"
Father: "yes, my first born male, i concur that this rapper is in fact from the bronx, and that indeed, i am game with his musical talent and his ability to perform it."
by MasterPlan June 09, 2004
82 52
I am prepared to to that. I am up for that.
Her: You wanna go bowling? Him: Yeah, I'm game
by landscapeconsultant April 25, 2004
54 37
Yes, I am willing to go along with it.
John asked if I wanted to play basketball and I said "I am game."
by Isi Oamen June 16, 2004
33 23
1. I'm prepared to do what you/we are speaking of.
1a. I will accompany you
1stDude: Let's ride to Cali this weekend.
2nd Dude: I'm game!
by +Mode April 28, 2004
18 16
I'm ready for anything you throw at me ; let's get it on!
Coach: "Alright, we're against the Cubs!"
Player: "I am game, coach!"
by dee-jay elle April 22, 2004
15 13