lets get it on!
i am game baby ;)
by the chigger April 20, 2004
Top Definition
saying that your up for it, that your willing to do it/want to do it
person1 "hey, lets go cow tipping"
person2 "sure, i'm game"
by p smurf April 22, 2004
im for it. yeah. yes. sure. ok.
"wanna have sex?"
"im game"
by A Giv April 24, 2004
To concur with an act or statement, or one that is proposed. Often used to state that one is willing and able to partake upon a noble task.
White Suburban Preteen: "yo g, yous been checkin' out dis fly new rapuh from duh bronx?"
Father: "yes, my first born male, i concur that this rapper is in fact from the bronx, and that indeed, i am game with his musical talent and his ability to perform it."
by MasterPlan June 09, 2004
I am prepared to to that. I am up for that.
Her: You wanna go bowling? Him: Yeah, I'm game
by landscapeconsultant April 25, 2004
Yes, I am willing to go along with it.
John asked if I wanted to play basketball and I said "I am game."
by Isi Oamen June 16, 2004
1. I'm prepared to do what you/we are speaking of.
1a. I will accompany you
1stDude: Let's ride to Cali this weekend.
2nd Dude: I'm game!
by +Mode April 28, 2004
I'm ready for anything you throw at me ; let's get it on!
Coach: "Alright, we're against the Cubs!"
Player: "I am game, coach!"
by dee-jay elle April 22, 2004
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