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When doing something that would fall under the terms of general douchebaggery, or other rambunctiousness, a person might use I am dick. Very similar to how someone would call themselves a dick jokingly, because that's exactly what it is. Commonly used online.

Origins are unclear, but are often thought to stem from a

anti-bullying Facebook post typo that was quickly spread across popular culture.

Note that I am dick and its variants are NOT used as insults.

Also used:
You/He am dick - When joking about another person.
I/You wam dick - When you did something I am dickish in the past.
GUY 1: Hey man, can you come over and help my mom move tomorrow?
GUY 2: Sorry, I'll actually be busy lying on my couch doing nothing.
GUY 1: She's 85...
GUY 2: Yeah. I am dick.

BUDDY 1: We're out of marshmellows. Can you go grab some more?
BUDDY 2: What? Why?
BUDDY 1: I threw them in the fire as a sacrifice.
BUDDY 2: You am dick.
by TLTheriault October 29, 2011
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