a general term that players say to you to make you fall for them.
" Hey babe.. I love you"
by Stranger124153426132132 October 25, 2011
something boys never mean.
boy in june: i love you more than words could ever say.

boy in october: i love //her// more than words could ever say.
by Carrieoox October 08, 2007
A word that a bunch of little girls use to much, then break up with their little boyfriend about a day later then have a new boyfriend that they are in love with some how. I, Love, My, Boyfriend, So, Much.
'I'm 8 years old and I truly am in love with my boyfriend, even though we will break up in about an hour. Jimmy I love you '
Next day - I hate you your mean.
Next day - I love you so much Alex we will be together forever.
by JigglyPuff123 July 05, 2012
3 words that mean shit and are randomly thrown together in a sentence. 3 words that some people NEED to hear and some people hate to hear. sometimes said, just to be said. when said, it could scare people into leaving. 3 words that are supposed to be the highest term of affection. these words are casually thrown around by people who have no idea what its like to love someone and have them not love them back. words to be said to get into a girls pants, but only stupid girls fall for that. it could be meant truly by someone, but its not always NEEDED to be said, sometimes just shown
girl: "i love you."
boy "....."

boy "i love you"
girl " oh thats greatt...."
by giggles425 August 16, 2011
three words that don't mean shit. is always a lie if it is just used by itself. the only time it's for real is if that person says more to it.
"i love you"

"i love you. you make me feel so special. thanks for being there for me, man."
by danny the girl May 05, 2005
The three words that boys use to get into a girl's pants.
Boy: I love you.
Girl: Aww I love you too!
Boy: Can we have sex now?!?!?
by seth_cohen_fan January 14, 2006
I Love You commonly used by a man to a woman just so he can get laid. it is the male ace in the hole one it comes to getting ass from a woman. Normaaly, the women fall right for this trick and give their male compainon sexual intercourse or "the bum bum sexings".
Woman: Why should we do it i don't know if we are ready yet.
Man: Honey, I love you and thats all that should matter.
Woman: Oh my god........Lets have the bum bum sexings.
by The Mclovein Is here August 24, 2007

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