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Best game ever. All you do is set your camera to "Flash: ON" then come up behind your victim, put the camera in their face right at the last second before taking a photo while simultaneously yelling loudly 'I BLINDS YOU!'
Guaranteed the shot will be awesome, and a skilled photog can even get themselves in the shot pissing themselves in the background.
Steve aka The Assailant: Check this shit out... Bernice is gonna shit herself *flash: ON* *creeps up* I BLINDS YOU BITCH!
Bernice aka The Victim: Dammit Steve, I just shit myself. But I can't stay mad at you.. *LOLZ ROFLMAOZ* It should be an awesome photo! Thanks for the memories!
Steve aka The Assailant: You're quite welcome...... Bitch.
by babom June 20, 2007
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