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Another stupid phrase with no meaning behind it whatsoever.
Connor, I am your mom.
by Anonymous July 12, 2003
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A reply to the popular ya mom! "insult".
A: You're an idiot.
B: Your mom's an idiot!
A: Yeah, well, I Am your mom.
by jampot August 19, 2006
Opposite of "I am your dad"
I am your mom. That's why.
by April Ann February 02, 2004
When one is your mom.
"Son, I am your mom."
by RandomThai555 November 11, 2002
What Mormons answer when asked why they are wearing a tie and backpack while choking on a piece of chicken.
Curious person: Hey, why are you wearing a tie and backpack?

Mormon: I am your mom, *cough* *cough*, ahum, sorry, I mean I am mormon.
by tellthetruth February 28, 2008
What I am
your mom
by DaMan September 10, 2003
I am your mom.
your mom
by Anonymous July 08, 2003

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