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Chris Corner's solo project. musically is a cross between Detroit or Berlin techno escapades, Prince or Roxy Music's pop, and the electronic universe of Cabaret Voltaire. Chris' voice, of course, brings the production to another level.
I AM X's "Kiss and Swallow" is a very good album.
by trend July 16, 2004
IAMX is the solo project of Chris Corner, formerly of the Sneaker Pimps. His musical style is influenced by 1980's electro, but has evolved over several albums. Due to his musical talent, eccentric fashion style, and introspective lyrics, Corner has developed quite a devoted fan base. When performing live, Corner has a band consisting of Janine Gezang on keyboards/synths, vocals, and bass, Alberto Álvarez on guitars, vocals, drums and bass, and a drum machine named MAX.
Male IAMX fan: Hey, I've got two tickets to see IAMX tonight at the Nordstern Festival! Wanna come?

Female IAMX fan: Yessss! SQUEEEEE!
by DireClown June 23, 2011
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