A top selling car manufacturer. Becoming very large now. The genesis will be their most expensive car, released summer of '08, costing 40 grand for the top model.
Wow, look at that car! It's nice and fast!.. it's a Hyundai?!?! Holy shit I might have to get one!
by KBLD May 12, 2008
Hyundai is a korean motor company, With the "hyundai group" founded in the year 1947,hyundai Motor Company was later established in 1967. The company’s first model, the Cortina, was released in cooperation with Ford Motor Company in 1968. In 1975, the Pony, As being first Korean car. Many decades later they then made cheap plastic shit boxes that were only just good enough for car rental's, But times have changed for this underdog car company, nowadays, hyundai is making better quality automobiles, not the twotone 1996 hyundai sonata with the broken tail lights, your used to riding in on your way to school,Now there using real leather, non faux wood, even stitching on the leather dash. And no more Fwd they finaly grew a pair and went Rwd, like a big sedan should be, Not to mention there first V8 in the genesis sedan. Add there recent booming collaboration with big names such as, DUB,RIDES,HKS,RMR exceterra... to the mix and hyundai has a bright future ahead of its self.
That car looks like a mercedes, it probly is, but it has a crooked h on the back,
by jarod tate January 04, 2009
A car of great reliability at a unrealistically cheap price. A korean car manufacturing company that has developed a lot since its pitiful "hyundai pony" that rivals lawn mowers.
Friend 1: Oh shit nigga nice ride
Friend 2: I ain't a nigga ima gook and its a hyundai
Friend 1: How much?
Friend 2: How much was ur burger at BK?
Friend 1: 5 bux
Friend 2: You shoulda bought the car man..
by Bee Kay June 11, 2005
A Korean car maker that really stepped up their game for year 2011. Case in point: the Sonata, or Genesis coupe.
They offer a kickass warranty, have the best fuel mileage, and recently make the nicest looking cars.
Damn son, did you see that new Hyundai Sonata? It's nicer than a beamer, and half the price!
by sam da man123 August 18, 2010
previously crappy Korean automaker that out of nowhere became incredibly sexy looking like beamers and mercedes
Guy 1: I nearly jizzed in my pants when i saw the new sonata
*Hyundai Sonata drives by*

Guy 2: 8====D~~~~~~~~~~~
by qwertyUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNhgyts August 03, 2011
Korean import automobile, known for being inexpensive and generally reliable. Looses 75% of it's resale value within 4 years, making it's trade-in value equal to or less than a ten year old Honda, even if it's kept in excellent shape.
Yes, I drive a Hyundai, but at least it's not a Kia!
by Jiiiive January 22, 2009
(noun) Cheaply made automobiles that ex-cons, parolees, assistant librarians, and car-rantal middle-management types buy. See acronym below.

by mhibma January 18, 2006
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