1. The crooked "H" symbolizes a rejected Honda.
2. A cheap imitation of a Honda.
1. Oh damn mom thanks for the Honda! WTF? It's not a Honda it's an imitation... its a Hyundai.

by jaypinoy September 13, 2006
a korean car company who thinks they are lexus (commercials) or Hondas.
Commercial: Could someone confuse a (hyundai) veracruz with a (Lexus) RX350?
Veiwers: no. the hyunday has a slanted H, not a slanted L.

by lilcrzytimmy January 25, 2009
Korean car company. Although many of their newer cars are reliable, their designs typically rip off of the other car company's cars.

Hyundai also owns KIA, who also makes ripoff versions of other cars.
Hyundai logo = Honda Logo slanted
Accent = Ripoff of Honda Civic
Elantra = Styling is a mix of Honda Fit and Toyota Prius
Genesis = Ripoff of many foreign luxury cars
Genesis Coupe = Ripoff of Nissan 350Z
Sonata = Ripoff of Toyota Camry
Tiburon = Ripoff of Toyota Supra
Veracruz = Ripoff of Buick Enclave and Honda CRV.
by Taco Jon's February 26, 2009
A woman who can be relied upon to fuck all day every day. Derived from Australian Hyundai advertisement "Hyundai's....go all day, every day".
My woman's a 'Hyundai'. She can't get enough of it; a nymphomaniac.
by Busted Hyman July 04, 2006
a car that is many different colors due to numerous accidents and now thinks its a truck. it features classy walmart hubcaps and even classier chrome above the wheel covers.
ahh there goes your dad in the hyundai.. i didnt even see the car i just seen the wheels fly by!
by kkaattiiee March 22, 2006
Crappy car that randomly bursts into flames. It's got pretty nice rims though.
Ouch! My eyes are burnt..damn those rims on that Hyundai are hot.
by Tbombbbbbb March 22, 2006
Cheap cars.
That's all.
I don't drive Hyundai to meet my girlfriend.
by Chong hee May 25, 2005

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