HYUK - Pronunciation: Hi-Yuck

HYUK is an acronym for Hip Young Urban Knitter.

HYUKs are usually found in the slums of New York. They make money selling their scarves and other items on the HYUK black market. For years, the secret location of the HYUK society has been searched for by authorities, but it has never been found.

HYUK is also thought to stand for Hitting on Young Mothers' Kids,and has been commonly referred to as HOYMK, but that is an urban ledgend put out by the HYUK society to throw off authorities.

In New York, there is a 20,000 dollar reward for information leading to HYUK society, and this is the most information about the HYUK ever gathered together.

The HYUK can also get very mean. If you or one of your family members is involved in HYUK, the best thing to do is pull out immediately, because if anything that they do not want to happen happens because of you, you will find a dead, mutilated kitten nailed on a cross on your doorstep.
Look at that kid! Knitting away at the fucking scarf! That's one goddamn Hip Young Urban Knitter!

Look at that kid! Knitting away at the fucking scarf! That's one goddamn HYUK!
by All My Gods Have Failed Me March 15, 2008
Top Definition
A term coined by the Starcraft commentator Cholera, named after the Korean pro Starcraft player Hyuk, used to describe the act of losing after having a seemingly insurmountable lead. It came about due to Hyuk's repeated failures even with all the odds in his favour in several pro-league matches.
Well he seems to have the game in the bag, but give him time, he could still hyuk it up.
by lordLitus June 07, 2009
To become much better at a particular skill after a reputation of sucking at it, much to the surprise of everyone else.

Coined by Starcraft english commentator CholeraSC. Named after the Korean progamer, Hyuk, who use to suck, but now Hyuk's everyone
"Yo dawg, you just got Hyuked!"
by DENTME dot com November 04, 2009
Another Starcraft related term also coined by commentator Cholera. It means to destroy an opponent, even though previously, there would have been little to no chance of doing so.
I have a feeling he's gonna Hyuk him up.
by jarret1414 November 03, 2009
To be a lesser pro, and consistently fail. Then have a brain switching surgery with Jaedong and become the awesomeness that is HYUK!
Effort v Hyuk @ CJ v SKT1 10/28/09
by Hyuk0wns November 03, 2009
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