A person (usually a man) possessing Grade A mammary glands. Their milk has vast healing powers and allows them to survive in the desert for weeks at a time.
I rode my hytham across to Sahara nbd.
by Hytham May 19, 2011
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This is a name usually given to a male of great character, amazing eyes, and insanely good looks. This could also be used as an adjective to indicate bravery or honesty of the heart.
Wow, I didn't know you were so hytham.
by Addition Solution December 07, 2010
An adjective used to describe a man with a large buildup of fat around their above-average areola. Sometimes they are born with the ability to lactate, and therefore able to survive in the desert for weeks at a time.
damn those hytham moobs are definitely worth probably 10 gallons
by Hytharalihinbar June 04, 2011

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