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When one person is trying to describe a hypothetical scenario but another person keeps pointing out any factually inaccurate details or unrealistic scenarios using logic alone and completely disregarding the hypothetical nature of the scenario. Similar to Hypothetical Warfare.
Guy 1: Imagine, hypothetically, I had wings. How awesome would that be?
Guy 2: I don't know because its physically impossible for you to gain wings.
Guy 1: I'm just saying, like, imagine I did have wings.
Guy 2: And I'm just saying that its impossible for you to have wings.
Guy 1: Stop goin' all Hypological Warfare on me!
#hyper #hypothetical #warfare #contradiction #hypo
by MartyJuck March 04, 2010
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A conversation between one person talking in hypothetical and another talking in logic and poking holes in the hypothetical points.

Usually starts when someone speaks in hypothetical about an idea or a plan. And follows with someone poking a hole in the hypothetical argument.

The areguements can continue for a long time. One person finding new problems and one person solving them through hypothetical solutions. Making it almost a war between logic and hypothetical.
Thomas: Jeez its like Hypo-logical Warfare in there. Deans talking about would a lightsaber cut through Jesus.
Luke: And what was the the argument?
Thomas: Oisin said that the technology today wouldn't be able to sustain the power or intense heat a lightsaber emits.
Luke:Why is he bringing logic to a perfectly fine hypothetical thought?
Thomas: He obviously doesn't realize what hypothetical means.
#hypo-logical #warfare #hypothetical #logic #lightsaber
by Dean CleaverStupid January 28, 2010
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